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ADHEAR is MED-EL’s revolutionary new bone conduction system. What’s different about it? There is no implant involved and instead, it simply sticks onto your skin behind the ear.

What’s it got in common with MED-EL’s hearing implant systems?

It enables you to hear and offers great wearing comfort. ADHEAR’s innovative technology makes bone conduction possible without an implant and without pressure on the skin.

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Stick. Click. Hear.

MED-EL’s new hearing system fills an unmet need in the field of bone conduction systems. Until now, candidates could choose between an intact-skin implant system, which requires surgery, or a passive system, which was only able to transmit the sound to the bone by applying high pressure onto the skin. With ADHEAR neither surgery, nor high pressure is needed—find out how.

What is so special about ADHEAR?
  • ADHEAR is effortless
    • Non-surgical solution
    • Simple handling
  • ADHEAR is gentle
    • No pressure onto skin
    • High wearing comfort
  • ADHEAR is reliable
    • Stays in optimal position, offering consistent access to sound
  • ADHEAR is cosmetically appealing
    • Inconspicuous position behind the ear
How does hearing work?
Have you ever wondered how we hear? The process is just as interesting as it is complex.
Watch the video and discover how hearing works.
Can ADHEAR help me?
ADHEAR is a solution for people with conductive hearing loss. Temporary hearing loss can be treated just as well as chronic hearing loss in an effortless and effective way. The system is especially suitable for people who do not want or cannot undergo implant surgery. ADHEAR is a non-surgical system and therefore a perfect hearing solution whilst offering great wearing comfort and aesthetics.
What features does ADHEAR offer?
The ADHEAR System consists of the ADHEAR Adhesive Adapter and the ADHEAR Audio Processor. Read on to find out about the advantages of system’s components and features.
  • ADHEAR Adhesive Adapter
    • Highly innovative technology
      • Optimised for sound transmission without pressure onto the skin
    • Single-use adhesive
      • Can be worn 3 to 7 days
    • Water resistant
      • Can be worn during bathing, showering and other water-related activities
    • Choice of colours
      • Available in beige or brown
  • ADHEAR Audio Processor
    • Intelligent hearing system
      • Adapts automatically to the user’s environment
    • Up-to-date microphone features and signal processing
      • Omnidirectional and directional microphones, feedback cancellation and noise reduction
    • Connectivity
      • Can be connected to audio devices (mobile phones etc.), Bluetooth streamers and accessories, FM receivers, telecoil receivers
    • Four different programs
      • Pre-configured programs therefore no programming required
      • Programs can be changed at the push of a button
    • Choice of colours
      • Available in Simply Black, Terra Brown and Dove Silver
    • Easy to use
    • Battery lifetime approximately two weeks
How does ADHEAR work?
ADHEAR is the only non-surgical bone conduction system which does not apply pressure onto the skin and can be worn inconspicuously behind the ear. Watch the video to find out how the system works.
And what about handling?
Using ADHEAR on a daily basis is simply child’s play. See for yourself.
Take the next step
If you think ADHEAR could be the solution for you, please get in touch with your local MED-EL representative for more information on the system and availability.

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